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Vеlichko Oleksandr

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The main directions of performance:

1. Bearing building constructions (beams, columns, farms)
2. Heat exchangers and air heaters for electric equipment.
3. Metallurgical equipment and subcrane beams
4. Electricity and lighting towers, etc.
5. Mobile connection towers
6. Car and train scales
7. Ventilation systems made of back and stainless steel pipes
8. Capacitive equipment made of black and stainless steel (V up to 1000 m3)
9. Conveyer belts, paper-cutting machines and plastic, crashing equipment
10. Supports and traverses of contact line.
11. Silo towers for storage of cement, clay, etc.
12. Equipment for food industry
13. Quickly repairable buildings
14. Parts of ceiling constructions
15. Module metal constructions
16. Metal forms concrete wares


Workshops consist of mechanical area, preparation area, assemble -welding areas: large scale building constructions, small mechanical constructions, stainless steel wares.
The engineering department of our company works out technical papers based on drawings plus engineering papers for individual orders.
Production capacity of the enterprise allows to produce around 300-400 t of metal products a month.